Lisbon 2015 working at O Parque daycare.

First week at O Parque daycare.

Am travelling via bus to the daycare every morning.  The public transport system is very easy and cheap to use but very busy in the mornings!

I am in class with 5 and 6 year old children.  I am greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and children.  I quickly noticed how on arrival all the children kiss and hug their teacher/Lähihoitaja.
We had morning circle where I was introduced to the children and I spoke a little about Finland and the weather, saunas, pullas and a little about the country.
The nursery is a very energetic and lively place.  The kids seem to be very friendly with each other and the teachers.  O Parques main ethos is to introduce projects where the children are responsible for their own learning achievements, the teaching is relaxed and fun, using as much of the five senses to teach the children.  There is a very positive and friendly atmosphere in the school and I am enjoying this very much.  More info can be found on the following link
The language barrier is difficult and due to the fact that the school is bilingual the kids are used to speaking Portuguese to the adults and the adults replying in English, so when I ask them to say it in english or say that I do not understand they carry on regardless, telling me about their toys or something.
I cannot interact with the kids as much as I would like due to this but having said that a hug a smile and plenty of thumbs up are fulfilling the brief so far.  🙂



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